Geri Gap Yrs Intro

Gap Years, oh no I told both daughters. It is legitimate University time out they said!

I think if I supported them through Uni then the ‘gap’ fun coming out of my wallet should be mine.

So – Gap years from 42 yrs work (early retirement) with an amicable separation, I have found by accident that my willingness to travel, life and tech skills, can-do attitude, all fitted neatly to friends wishing a reliable and trustworthy house/pet sitter.

A Skype call from a lovely couple in Southern Spain expanded my ‘sit’ circle. House Sitters on FB were great at encouragement and some thought a blog would be interesting to follow.

My 2017 sits will start this month with driving my 30 year old motor home from Liverpool to Southern Spain, then after multi-sits flying to a fantastic sit in Canada.

Adventures in the van and sits, with over 45 animals in one case, should make the blog worthy of a read?