Stourport Stopover, again 🚐

Another yo-yo trip done.The Volvo collected from my cousins farm (amazing lady and not a bad tennis player – nearly beat me once) and a peaceful Monday night drive back to the motor home, its packing time again.

My transport straddles Sally & Martins car on their drive. 

A few pints of porter ale (which may be responsible for a little attire confusion) at the Sunday lunch drink while in Wallasey, was possibly the reason I was to cross paths the following day with another of my dopplegangers: a “short mature bespectled goatee bearded chap” as I managed to take the wrong green craghopper jacket from Gallaghers pub! We both had gloves in the right lower pocket and keys in upper left pockets – maybe I’m not unique. 

Finding the wrong car keys in the jacket Monday morning, panic! The security pass I did find had a name and his work place, all sorted quickly with my chauffeur Blakey shuttling me to the jacket exchange.

My other doppelgänger: A couple I sit for in Spain enjoyed New Year in Cartagena and snapped this chap (my doppelgänger in a neat hat they thought):

The motor home now has on-board a years supply of Ovaltine, a box of chickens feet and over 40ft of steel scaffolding poles – all on its way soon to Lynne & Stu in Puerto Mazerron. 

A few details left to sort before rolling south to Portsmouth in the next day or two; European insurance, ferry ticket, camp site reservations, MoT the Volvo and contract signing for the miners cottage I am buying in Wales.

Northern Spain is going to be a chilly run over the Cantabrian mountains from Santander, as this picture from a friend shows….

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