Tricky times, but rolling along. 

It’s been a static few days working on my box shaped banshee vehicle scaring pedestrians and cyclists! The van would not stop screaming whatever I did to set the fan/engine belts. Working on the freezing floor may have caused the couple of days back-pain. I spent each morning stooped like Quasimodo until my yoga-like attempted movements eased the pain and allowed more time under the motorhome.

The Frankia and I both stopped squealing yesterday (Sunday), and a morning run for me along the river, beautiful area, suggested the next leg to Bristol could happen.

Topping the fridge with snickers bars and milk (helps charge you for any challenge I’ve found), the Frankia and I meandered South via a few cafes and a country pub.

The 42mph max speed on lanes (cracked 48mph on the motorway) made me lots of new friends, some followed for miles before passing with a beep and a wave – bless em 💋

I’ll enjoy a few local ales in the market town here at Chipping Sodbury and give the Tuesday sailing a miss. It will take another two days to hit the South Coast – Friday sailing from Portsmouth, maybe!

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