The Silent Woman

The four house-sits in Cartagena and Mazerron are a little closer mileage wise. They will be fun for Feb through to May, and give a little tan for my following Sit in Canada.

These were my thoughts as I hit the road out of Chipping Sodbury and headed South

Bath, great views but folk have bricked up their windows! The traffic moved at Frankia pace, and we weren’t even leading. Beautiful as always by the crescent, but the river crossing/the old toll bridge at Bathgate along to the canal is the top spot I think.

The roads from Bath to Wareham are narrow, winding and full of great village pubs – I had to toast someone’s birthday so I tried one or three (I’m sure it will be someone’s birthday somewhere tomorrow too). 

Frankia ran well, I even drove a few miles with fingers uncrossed. It’s looking like the old bus might make Spain.

I found a stowaway as I sorted the spaces for packed-away things and stuff that will be in my cabin at sea over the weekend…..the stowaway is in for the long haul now!