Five Legs & Football?

A sound sleep in Hunters Moon, a steady throb from Frankia’s motor on start up, the last UK leg of the drive was to be a doddle.

Not a peep from the stowaway, but waking up to stand on the cold steel scaffold poles was a shock. The support for Stu & Lynne’s wind generator project makes a rubbish carpet in -1 dgs weather.

The miles of wall along the road of a Stately Home is impressive, the story of the ‘Stag Gate’ is neat (google if you don’t know it). 

My Navy days ashore were spent in Fareham/Portsmouth, so a coffee stop across the road from the base was nice. The best of those days were on the pitch using all my mid-field skills to make it easy for Terry Partington to tap in (must have taught this onto his League One football son Joe – Bristol Rovers). 

Not a ‘leg’ with much to Blog, but I’ve made it to the ferry in a vehicle that looked ready to be condemned a short while ago.

08:45 sailing Saturday morning  around France to the top of Spain, and then 500 miles (Prolaimers tune in my head already) drive through the middle of the country…. pizza and Guinness tonight, hope it will be calm seas!