Frankia Afloat

A tense wait in line for the signal to drive onboard. Starting and stopping Frankia every 10 minutes has me worrying if it can cope. Also this old clutch with the steering-column-gear-stick needs gentle treatment.

I was second in line to board, but the loading sequence happened to make me sit until nearly last ! Anyway, Always good to be at sea, and nice to sail out past ‘ships of the line’. 

Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower on our port side looked impressive in a cold but charming sun. The Gosport side had a packed marina, some beautiful looking boats.

Three quarters of the ferry car deck is covered by the superstructure housing cabins, bars, restaurants, but Frankia gets the open back end. Will Santander arrival end with a cold difficult engine and damp drivers seat (her water resistance is not brilliant). The route through Spain is flexible – straight down or meander a while? The House-Sits are later into February so it really depends how Frankia behaves on foreign soil. Checking the bar for Guinness and Sky Football is the only task of the day – it’s not a bad life at sea. 

The stowaway has his own bed in my sole occupancy four-berth cabin, he’s laughing!

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  1. At least the Frankia is tucked up between other vehicles and will not be hit by the full force of whatever weather comes your way. Safe trip mate.

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