Wow, the Cantabrian Mountains. 

The days on board the ferry were fun. Smashing couple that I bumped into by the restaurant, the bar, the reading room, the car deck (im hard to shake off!) who were driving through Spain and onto Portugal.

Arnold had sea stories (yachting), and pilot dits from his time in gliders. They’ve got a lot of knowledge on the area and sites to use. I was glad to see them a few times as the Frankia laboured the 150K across the mountain range.

While I chugged on and made good use of every gear on the 1003metre climb, Arnie & Carol zoomed along to meal stops and watched as I nursed Frankia by. I think their Motorhome must be well soft-furnished….

The help to find a caravan park in Palencia was very much appreciated, a drop of Doombar passed their way was the least I could to for the escort duty.

I am relieved to be over the Cantabrian, any problems on the mountain would have been really difficult, and it’s such a long way across so a recovery would have been ages. To mark the ‘leg’ done I strolled around Palencia looking for a cafe, but could only find a bar – any port ……..

2 thoughts on “Wow, the Cantabrian Mountains. 

  1. Safe travels Cllff, look forward to the reading of your adventures.
    Arnie & Carol

    PS. If you know of anyone who wants a few cheap towels or duvet covers, pm me please, good price, could arrange free shipping.

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  2. Great news that the Frankia is still going. Are there any more major topographical barriers to overcome? Enjoy your adventure and safe travels.


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