Reconnecting, Relaxing

After waking to a beautiful Med morning with waves lapping the shore 20 metres away, I needed water, light, food and mainly a shower! Close by was Le Defines caravan site (across the road actually), so moving Frankia was short and cheap, with a day rate of only 20€. Until the weekend move onto Lynn & Stu’s property it will make a perfect base. I was a bit envious of next doors van and his bike ….

Tidied up and on my bike: time to loosen the legs and butt. I cycled to the BuenaVista for a breakfast snack, then through Puerto Mazerron along the esplanade. The turnaround point would be Bolnuevo. On the way through the town I spotted Margaret, I would be house sitting for her and Dereyk in April. A quick hello and coffee with the Wednesday morning yoga folk was really interesting. The 80 year old fit chap was a film/photographer king in his heydays, snapping such women as Bridget Bardot, great guy to listen to. Josefina and Carmen made up a very sociable little squad
From Bolnuevo I was heading out towards Cartagena where Frankia would be sited for the coming months. The road is an undulating climb to a 300 meter peak. Passing Margaret’s property was worth a photo stop 📷

A birds eye view of another sit this month and Frankia’s new base was a few pedal pushes further up the road …🚲

The recent snow damage to the marquee on the rise above the main building is not too evident, but the roof used to be fondly referred to as Madonnas Boobies, now collapsed and bedraggled (poor Madona). 

Downhill to Isla Plana and the community centre for cerveza, fresh impetus – the words of Jason Kenny sped me on (Olympic medalist name drop, sorry)

The small bay at Isla Plana fascinates me, such a cute alluring place.

As I sat with a beer with Lynne & Stu (beer o clock is his mantra, I have to be social), who were taking their visitor sightseeing, we overlooked the church in the harbour…..

My wifi connected to the community centre and immediately I received news of Arnie & Carols arrival at one of their journey points, Monsaraz, with a pic of KEV 😄, their ‘Stowaway’ has travelled as far as New Zealand. I need to get Elmo out more. 

As a recuperation ride, it was superb. The reconnections were a nice bonus, I like it here. 

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  1. You need a little relax after the journey. It would appear that you have found a nice little spot to stop. Sorry to hear about Madonnas boobies. Don’t let them ex pats lead you astray with too much drinking.

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