Adiós Isla Plana, Hola El Nido

Relocate Frankia, then get a sweat on helping repair the ‘fallen Marquee with the busted boobies’, and end the day with a chilled Doombar – plan A.

Enough lazing about

Get Frankia on the road, take a few snaps en-route

My bike still has the ‘Brands Hatch 24hr Cycle’ race number, the uni-Cycle is in-board of it. It’s nice having my own wheels in Spain even though all my sits have been great letting me freely use their cars and bikes. 

Another hill climb before making El Nido, terrific views for Monkee and travelling Buddha (the Stowaway is back in his box). 

Onto El Nido patch and a catch-up coffee with Stu & Lynne, my hosts. The proposed way ahead they felt, was to support the new roof beams beams by sinking two 3.2 metre poles on the centreline of this massive marquee (a 6mtr x 6mtr unit), my alternative suggestion was four poles to manage roof weight and wind shear, and leave the centre area free .. work began on the pole footings….

Stu and I mixed concrete, dug and discussed the beer o clock tipple.

Lynne cleared the remnants of the old canvass roof and had the serious job of minding the poles until the concrete set, she loved her task 😂

The cement mixer, ballast, marquee, water, are all on different levels on this site. Carting buckets of wet cement up flights of steps, lifting the small wooden telegraph poles and getting the steel beams on site all made for a shirtless work-out in the sun, and Day One was on track! We might finish part one in daylight too. 

Plan A, worked?? Superb day if I don’t look at the football scores. 

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  1. Wow, serious stuff that Cliff. Remind myself to ask you to house sit if we decide to build ourselves a house in Portugal! Would get in a tanker of Doom bar. Belated thanks for which, perfect accompaniment to the (Aldi) chicken jalfrezi.

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