Tiddly Jobs, Mountain Air. 

An easy Monday and Tuesday at El Nido, although today started with desperate tries to sink in Spanish Everything learned at Fridays intercambio seems to have evaporated. I really need to be able to say more than beer and toilet – maybe.

Next my elec skills got a day out. Running new cables and fitting bulkhead lights in the workshop passed a few hours until the owners demanded work stopped for beer o clock. Ever obedient I ran and got my Dimple mug from Frankia. A good time to chat over the coming few days of my house-sit at El Nido (with more when I’m free).

Tuesday started with an early Dog Walk with Broozer and Harry, then having to choose Transport for my  mountain  wander ….

It was a tough call between the unicycle and the all-terrain vehicle. It took nearly a second!The Rambla’s are great to get around on, but these dry riverbeds took a battering with the floods and recent snow storms. It has made the ATV drive all the more fun though. 

Over the mountains to visit my neighbor for lunch. I was going to help with a couple of car problems: rear tail light, indicators and a faulty door mechanism that had the passenger back-door jammed shut (I’d repaired the other side on my Xmas sit).The lunch was a lovely homemade soup, freshly baked bread (chilli bread- fantastic) and a beer. I fixed the door and lights, then left this beautiful house (until my sit there 12th to 20th Feb). 

Back over the mountains and home to feed the dogs, but first a visit to Deryk and Margaret to check the cable I had for their irrigation pump job was correct …. and a sociable beer. It was nice to hear from Margaret that my blog was being used to help a Spanish group learning English. I guess blogs are written in a more everyday use style. 

Treat time and toilet walk for Broozer and Harry, then an early hunker down for the night. 

Unicycle practice tomorrow 🤹🏼‍♀️

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