Making, Mending, Buying, Uni!

A few days house-sitting for Lynne & Stu gave them a break to use their casita, a holiday home along the coast with fantastic views. I enjoyed the walks and views at El Nido and cracked-on with a few things. 

Making: Along with scaffold poles, chicken feet and Ovaltine, I had some spare stereo car speakers from way back. The cabinets in El Nido conservatory would make neat units with the music system Stu intended to fit. Not much of a carpenter, but the finish articles looked and sounded brilliant …

Mending: Frankia really needed to fire-up first-time every-time, the thought of causing a traffic hold-up when I can’t explain the problem or what I’m going to do sat uneasy. The starter motor is coming off for a Cliffy service..Only three nuts, two electric cables – easy, but a fourth nut was there! A steady for the rear end of the starter. Four hours trying everything in little space or light to work in, then after a coffee I saw the light…. take the bolt off the nut, not the nut off the bolt (which was cast to the body!). 

Buying: My cootage in Wales was proceeding slowly, the rear of the houses needed boundaries. Plans and more bills arrived today. The properties are unregistered so my solicitor needs more money, and the easy building lines I expected were crazy …..There may be problems ahead….

The starter motor refurbishment can wait until morning, the cottage gardens response can wait. It’s Uni-training t then Spanish speaking/drinking club time.

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  1. Speakers look great. Good to see that you are cracking on with some jobs and not just sunning your self. Will you get to see the rugby and or the Liverpool game. I’m meeting up with Tom for a few drinks in Wallasey. It will be good to see him before he heads off to Australia. I am not in charge of coats this week. Take care speak soon.

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