C’mon, C’mon, Hurry-up …..

I move across the mountain in the morning (Monday) where my next sit will double the dog and cat count from here at El Nido. The two dogs here have been great to walk each morning. Broozer is a neat compact little gent, his mate’s name has meant a tune, I couldn’t quite grasp, buzzing in my head every time I walk or call Harry. I googled and enjoyed a ‘youtube’ Top of the Pops of Sham 69 – “Hurry-up  Harry C’mon”. A short practice on the uni-cycle followed the hour walk with my canine mates. Then a few hours in the workshop, where I’m converting an old computer desk into a portable tool station.

The ‘sit’ for the next week…I popped along to pick up keys and check I knew the animals routine, and the generator start-up and switch over (from Solar Power) routine. As it’s only a ten mile round trip I used my bike, get some exercise in🚴🏻. The hills and the soft soil in the Rambla were a tad harsh,although the river bed is nicely flattened out after the storms and then some local labour levelling it off, it’s still tricky and downhill I lost the tail end a few times. 

Meanwhile – The new house purchase in Wales is still a sad tale, the estate agents did not know of the ‘boundaries plan’ drawn by the sellers solicitors. My message was a shock to them, good, it might chivvy up some action. I thought I might try a bit of freehand technical drawing and propose a simple design it passed a pleasant coffee break. CAD, set squares, protractors, School TD lessons – not used …. just a pen, scrap pad, the side of a CD case, and the Frankia worktop. I might get a freelance job offer and new house?

The weekend is nearly over, It’s now Beer o clock – or ‘Sham 69’ time – 🎼Were All Going Down The Pub🎼. 

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