Valentine -Double Date🏘

This seven day sit nicely straddles Valentines. Four dogs and two cats here, good animals that are never a problem – well just a minor one this week. It started with the need for me to learn how to dress a sore paw, and included a visit to the vets to have stitches removed from Sonrisa’s repaired torn toesIt has been easier than I thought to tend to the torn paw (operated on five days ago). Sonrisa is patient with my bumbling bandaging and although I was warned of severe car sickness, Sonrisa travelled well with her head nestled on the open window frame.

‘Double Date’: To help out one of my usual sits, I also covered a second home and it’s furry population for Valentines evening/night/morning  Driving between places and getting feeds & routines right made it a special day 💓

During a time-out I managed to pop over the mountain to leave my main ‘house Sit/Spanish base/Frankia Storage hosts’ a small Anniversary gift of beer and chocolate. Lynne & Stu (a hyper romantic chap) were celebrating their 15th year together. I will be sitting for a fortnight for them from next week. 

The view across the valley from this Sit to my April Sit is neat.These views and the great people I’m sitting for (and the warm sun, 2€ pints, 3€ breakfast, great cycling routes) are a real pull to spend more time in Spain. But, what will Brexit do to rock the boat?

The view across the starter-motor workbench is not so neat. After I rebuilt, refitted and ran the starter (no bits leftover!) I realised I needed to check the solenoid contactor – so it’s another spell on my back under Frankia tomorrow, damn. 

Communication and Social life – I struggle with communicating, so why complicate mastering this poor skill in two languages 🤷🏻‍♂️ My poor attempts at Spanish will be exposed again on Friday, but the post-class music evening should give me a warm ex-pat type cultured glow (yup – the beer will sort the glow). 

Glancing back from the mountains, I’m looking menacingly at the Hablo Espanyol books around me, knowing serious study time is needed, but the red is open, the sun is warm and gazing out through the window half-dozing may interfere with the right thing to spend time on. 

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