So Couth! Harp, Shanties and Cat?

Sonrisa has recovered from the op on her paw, the desire to test it on the mountains chasing rabbits is frustrating I think, and the pack are missing the fastest of their groupAfter ten days it’s play time, and the door is open – faster, with more endurance, than any greyhound – the Podenco/Galgos Sonrisa is away. 

Im gone too – Mazerron, I’m taking the owners car to the city to have the wheels tracked. I’ll sightsee there for a few hours, I thought!

Arriving at 1 o clock – a mistake. The garage was closing for siesta, and my slot was to be 4 o clock. All shops closed, even the monument on the hill is in a closed park?? I spent the wait in coffee shops and aseos’s (making room for more coffee). 4 o clock means 4:20 here, one hour for the tracking, so a collect time was 5:30 – Caramba! Spanish class starts 6 o clock.

Intercambio made at 6:45, dogs fed, showered, pen & pad ready. I shared a table with Kathy (Geordie), Ana (Spanish) and Marta (Ecuadorean). Topics were interesting, trying to explain how we assess people on first contact (appearances, physical, vocal tone, expression/facial look) in different languages was actually fun even though the girls got carried away discussing and describing six-packs (good use of coke tins by Marta). We covered washboard stomachs, belly shapes and more, which made my page 1 notes look weirdthe Spanish/English exchange of words, expressions and sentence structure followed on well after this ice-breaker start (none of us had met before).

The evening then led to the bar on the beach to enjoy music, food and wine – I wasn’t hungry, I am tone deaf, so vino, vino, vino!The guitar playing was fantastic, the singing was brilliant. Lynn read/sang ‘Those Were The Days’ to a rousing chorus. A local group sang a well known tune that I had different words in my head to:  an adult/navy version only I guess? The lady playing the harp returned my nautical mind to the finer culture of the eveningAn excited host then announced the next song was to be a Cat Stevens number. Cat had been inspired while on holiday at Puerto Mazerron by the seascape one evening. Full voice, hand actions, everyone joining in, it was brilliant!!!

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