A Swop ‘Sit’ Day

The strong wind gusting down The Valley, making the shrubs and trees dance in swirling motions, is hypnotic. Taking in the scene and listening to the roars from a warm couch – not too shoddy a way to pass the wait for the hosts return.I have passed the week in this Rambla-sited home with a little vetinary education (Sonrisa is back at blitzing speed after the hoof healed), pleasant evenings, serviced a car, and put up an automatic watering bowl (the pack will make great use of it as it warms here I would think) ….

An invite to Sunday lunch with Margaret and Deryk yesterday had slipped my mind! A nudge phone call from the hosts, and I drove around the mountains to (after slight lateness reprimand) a fantastic lunch. Lots of courses at a sit-down meal, my kind of feast. I’m not one for posting pictures of food, but had to show the class right from the starters (to absorbed in the food after that to take pics).The company matched the wonderful food and service (help yourself drinks – ‘ohh, go on then’). As well as myself they also had normal people as guests. Linda and Peter are regulars in Spain, both ex-rail employees who actually met competitively swimming for the rail club. Deryk asked “was it on-line dating” and we found he had a rolling-stock of puns ….. wit, charm, culinary skills, a real gent: I think this ex-Army chap might have made it into the Senior Service (I’m hoping flattery gets me another crack at the caviar and shrimps in batter).

Moving on, The Rambla falls downhill to the main road 4Kms away, the scenery looking back is amazing. After the crazy weather that this part of the world suffered – Snow and floods over mid January – its recovered and become quite a lush green..

I’m on my way to look after another great home, half the pet population of this Sit (4 dogs, 2 cats) for a fortnight. I just need the sun turned back on and the fan turned down!

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