Motorhome 69 and the Wind Toy

Goodbye to one eco-home, and Hi to another log burning, solar powered, mini-plantation place. I walked the 40 minutes (took an hour) over the mountain to the next valley ….It’s good to be able to walk in clean fresh air when you have so much on your mind – like: cafetería or instant for the next coffee break, Isla Plana beach or Puerto Mazerron’s for a jog, what little project should I do that keeps me in the sun for a fortnight, should I select from the bar tapas or go menu-del-día?

The project question was wonderfully answered as I settled into the self-contained apartment, the Wind Toy was in my bedroom (storage reason Stu said, but the tinker knew I’d be unpacking and making a start even before they left El Nido!)…Those scaffold poles (36 metres altogether) that had travelled in Frankia with me from Wallasey, were about to be promoted from uni-Cycle training bars to Wind Generator stand. I get to make a concrete plinth, rig scaffolding, make a giant meccanno fan, run wiring, wall fix starters/inverters/Controllers, until we have something just like a mini version of the ones Tesco use by petrol stations.

Placing trust in my engineering skills (over the two years the man has learnt nothing) while wanting to be there to assemble the kit himself, Stu pulled his Motorhome to the gates ready to board Lynne and cases. Our vans were nose-to-tail..or is it tail-to-nose ??The handover of Broozer, Harry, one cat and a fish pond was a short ceromony, they said they knew all was in good hands (seriously, nothing learnt over 24 months?). I built my fire for the evening as the hosts finished stocking and locking away the family jewels (it’s my scouse accent, can’t blame them) before reversing out and heading off ….

The kettle on the log burner was whistling, time to answer another of those tough-days-in-the-mountains queries, cafetería or instant?

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