A Techy Sort of Day

I dashed across the courtyard in bare feet to feed the cat, I was a little late this morning and heard her breakfast pleas. Madre mía – It had rained overnight, wet feet! I dried my toes and took another hour under the duvet. The sun only warming to 18 degs C and some clouds – ‘walkies’ could wait.

The broken ‘Pyrograph’ left as a small repair job looked a vintage piece of kit. Used to etch/burn art on wood, I wondered if ‘Janik Woodcrafts of Ruthin, Clwyd’, was still around? The fix took less time than the kettle took to boil (your back on double pen burn Lynne, etch away).Dogs to walk, fish to feed, day to greet …. hi ho

The Wind Generator assembly, mounting the control units and forming the support, it was mans playtime. A second cuppa (ginger tea) for the assembly of the bodyThen the intriguing bit, assembly and balancing of the ‘blades’. Set at 27 degs and then balanced by adding washers to the clamping bolts – use the provided disc with piano wire the manual said, and it worked a treat!

The brake box/switch and rectifier I decided to board mount. A spare bit of wood was ideal to cut down and use the handle as cable guide. Stand-off fittings to the wall will let the cables hide behind, I’m enjoying this

The Scaffold poles will be clamped to the wall, but I thought a sacrificial pole cemented low level, would be a good base that could be chopped away if the kit was ever repositioned..

Obviously all this electrical, mechanical, scaffolding, concreting work had to be done to standards for Europe, and be marked. 

De Nada

Final balancing of the day, roof terrace Uni-cycling with a cerveza 🍻

It’s been a long day for the boys too