“I Don’t Like Mondays” But actually … 

When a dog looks sheepish and scurries out in the morning, instead of patting them as they pass and going to put the kettle on- check the floor!

Poor guy had a little accident, glad I had put boots on for the morning walk before crossing the hall. Crappy start, mop and bucket job, but sun is bursting to come over the mountain, crack on.

The picture from a friend walking the beach near me was a reminder of what a great view you can see if you get out of bed for 6:30am (happy to see the picture at 9:00am to be honest)…

Three proper tasks were on the cards after breakfast and mucking out. There’s never things I have to do, but I enjoy the ‘sit’ and the days so much more if I’ve achieved a little something on the property. 

I had 125 metres of cable to run, with conduit to lay across roofs and though masonry that needed drilling out (next stage of the Wind Gen project).

The ‘market garden’ water butt needs a cover before the mosquito season hits. 
Small problems with the two spare generators could do with resolving. 

Sun, roof, electrical work – blissthe conduit run, cables pulled through, tan progressed, cerveza soon🍺

The jig-saw had been on charge, ready for the electricians crack at carpentry again (never my finest hour when whittling wood into something functional!).  After cutting the circle I went off plan for the requested half-hatch. What next??

Tackle a ‘stokers’ area of expertise! The gennies were great to play with, easy to move into the sunniest working position.

There was time left to enjoy a roof terrace cerveza, before lighting a fire and picking out tonight’s book

Mondays – love em. 

One thought on ““I Don’t Like Mondays” But actually … 

  1. Shi**y start to an interesting day. Looks pretty arid there Cliff
    Much cloud around the Algarve today and lots of greenery here still.😎


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