Green Eyed Dog? € Recovery, Up the Pole. 

The sore eye that I had been treating with washes and a cream on Brooza had seemed to be clearing his blinking and reducing the bloodshot look. A poor eye and his morning accident recently didn’t stop him enjoying the morning mountain strolls, and his patient sit and stare with a request for post-walk treats was as charming as ever.

His perky morning meant the thought of a vet visit was held off for a day, and also his owner was popping in soon. The ‘soon’ happened, and the little chaps mid day lethargy was noticeable to Lynne, enough to feel the vets visit was needed now.

An hour later and Broozer was sporting an anti-scratch collar, prescribed with meds, and showing the effects of a dye that revealed ulcerfication of a scratch to his eye (sharp twig, pointed plant?). The green dye gave a devilish look to this little gent of a dog. The pain and irritation must have been quite bad. He’s enjoying a few nights being nursed at the owners holiday home/Finca/Caseta with spectacular views.

Three house sits in Feb/March and all involved vets, im feeling a little Jonah’ish – and I had thought the Processionary Catapillers were the problem around this time of year (I’ve done my reading up on these nasty things to be ready). 

Just Harry and Missy to mind for now. Frankia needed ticking over, a shopping trip and then pizza on the beach – BellaVista – would work. Bread, baked beans, tea bags, all the provisions a person needs! I was a scurrying back to the Motorhome with bagless shopping and heard someone call out in Spanish. I had dropped a €10 note on the street. The two ladies who picked it up and shouted were dear old souls, who would not accept a few euro’s for a coffee as a thank you. Lovely smiles and a pat on the arm like your gran would, made me think very highly of the local folk, who have always been welcoming.

Thursdays big job, sit in the sun and think of a design for a mechanism that can guide the five metre scaffold pole (with Wind Generator on top) onto the three metre base pole ??It will need careful thought, shirtless and shorts attired, internal eyelid inspection, comfy seat and refreshment (so similar to my civil servant years of graft).