Sky and Sea and Open Roads.

The blown Sky+ box that stopped the owners watching ‘X-Voice On Ice’ was an interesting breakfast strip down. Apparently not that interesting if you’ve spent the morning-walk chasing rabbits – no supporting barks from Harry on this little task.The parts (capacitor and regulator chip) are sourced, the screen will be alive with Bruno and Mr Cowell before you can say “nailed it dahling” (and postage time obviously). 

Pottering around and doing a little work on Frankia in the sun was the way to pass the time until popping out to visit Nadine and Mark with their Gang of Six plus Two. I took Stu’s All Terrain Vehicle for this spin over the mountainThe welcome by the Six dogs is overpowering (keeping upright with this happy-to-see-you bunch is hard). I’m sure it’s my natural effervescent persona and not the pockets full of dog treats in my shorts? The indifference to my presence by the two cats keeps me grounded.

After the drive back – what views –it’s getting-on for six and Spanglais. I’ll take Frankia and go early for tapas.

Parking outside the BuenaVista, I looked to sea and smiled at the sight of a warship on training manoeuvres, on a Friday. Short weekend leave for her crew, a few of those happened in my 22years dressed in blue. The lights of the bars twinkling tantalisingly close while ships-head steered along the shoreline.

A Tanque cerveza y tapas sil-vous-plais gracias mi amigo matey. Very cosmopolitan me.Again I was so lucky with a great table of folk to chat to. Isa was giving my accent another shot. She was tuning-in to me now and we chatted about her ‘Floristería’ business, husband, her son and the Environmental course she was studying. On my right was Diego, a great lad who helped meld my poor English into something useful for Isa. We were joined late on by another lady who shared the course with Isa and was a bundle of Spanish fun. Also I am helped a lot by Prisci, she tries to improve my Spanish using WhatsApp to underpin the Intercambio. All are so keen and helpful, but I’m struggling with it and seem to forget everything as the bell rings!   After the Spanglais an ex-pat band (really good) got the place alive and we’re having an open mic night.

MadreMia, a storm passes through and the news … It’s going to be a windy, wet, weekend. Indoors with Sprakensi Espanya it is …..