Tandoori Nights, Moving ‘Sit’ Day, Aeropuerto, Keys Merry-go-round. 

The art of slapping dough onto the inner of a 500 degs heated pot, and dangling skewered meat inside, is a typically male cooking domain (as at any BBQ). Mark’s Tandoori worked excellently. Fashioned from plant pots, thermal insulating beads and personal safety disregard.  I need two hands to try and put plaster on a wall, so the dough to Nan inner-pot effort was beyond me (my task was butter pastry brusher) A fun night with new cooking skills, great night sky, and top company (and a couple of beers and a glass of red). The breadth of topics of conversation was expansive, until the 01:00 clock chime – Tandoori nights fly, unlike the Tandoori pot that took from 5 pm until 9:30pm to get up to temp. What a feast Nadine and Mark laid for our six 👏

Tuesday morning and a little housework to do, clean through the apartment and load up Frankia, ready to roll to the next sit. But first I’m dropping the next sit owners at the airport. Murcia San Javier is well placed on the coast, just off the motorway, and well organised/speedy for security. A few pages of instructions, a 20 question test passed marginally and the keys were handed over. My coffee stop was going to be at the airports ‘outside cafe’, but too early for it …. so on the way back the Big M got me … McTapas? El Nido owners (Lynne and Stu) returned as I arrived from my drop-off journey. I had keys to hand back for the flat, workshops and transport (I’ll miss that ATV).

I’ve got two weeks at the new Sit, a few pets to bond with and a different mountain view to wake up to.

I’ll return to the sports bar to watch football – ‘Scullys’ is Brit but great for a pie and pint (Liverpool v Arsenal was a weeks highspot), and later, to restore my culture quota, it is Museo Bar Friday after Spanglais..

Frankia safely at the new Sit, the old-bugger is running so well. Thoughts of trading it in have gone and with a bit of work I aim to tour through Spain and a bit of France in June 🇫🇷 

2 thoughts on “Tandoori Nights, Moving ‘Sit’ Day, Aeropuerto, Keys Merry-go-round. 

  1. Seems you are still living the dream. Glad the Frankia is going so well and will be interested in your travel plans regarding the old buggers. Hope you manage to get to a bar to see the rugby. I am really looking forward to my trip to Twickenham at the weekend. May have a beer or two. We are traveling down on Friday and are staying at the Tower Hotel in St Katherines Dock near to Tower Bridge. Hope to make the Barmy Arms at some stage. There were a number of coincidences involved in my good fortune getting a ticket I will be interested to hear your take on it.


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