Erection Day – Fail, But a nice ‘Sun at Sea’ memory 35 Yrs Ago ….

The mast is coupled, the generator mounted, just the small matter of getting-it-up now.The counterbalance weights on the scaffolding on the sun roof patio are to help when lifting 60 Kgs of top mast and generator at 7metres high (second thoughts are creeping in here)!A new plan over the days-end cerveza is being formed, yes it’s wuss time.

This 30 degs sunshine is superb for shirtless working but …. The great weather seems to be bringing a few problems for the animal world, I’m topping water dishes and keeping an eye on the pets, who across all three recent ‘sits’ have suffered. Maybe hosing them down is needed. The picture sent to me today of an old ship I served on doing a hot-climate handover tries that (along with throwing potatos and eggs across the waves at each other). 

The picture was taken during a return trip from 6 months sailing around Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Muscat/Kenya/Mauritius/Suez/Naples/Malta/Gibraltar, which was nearing an end – time to handover Gulf Patrol duties was eagerly celebrated. 

But, Back To The Rotor… A few changes made on the mast (a flag will be adorning it) before retrying ‘erection day’ on what should be a Wind free Sunday morning. Tapping new coupling holes in the workshop was needed, maybe –  it’s a diversionary tactic really to delay the scaffold climb!

Free electric ….. tomorrow …. maybe??

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