Sunday Beach Brunch, Half-Mast Success!

Sunday morning pet feed at the Sit took a while, not all the dogs felt like making my day start easy. I do like the way they are showing a playful character as our time together builds.

I still managed to make a cafe meet at the beach at La Azohia. Sitting and chatting in the morning sun with a very patient lady who helps my Spanish – magnífico domingo.

I had time to re-check the property and pets before heading to El Nido, where the conundrum of raising the mast hadn’t gone away. The previous days plans, and the scaffolding, were torn down. New plan – scaffolding at floor level up to the sun roof and top-off the mast before raising the completed outfit onto another 2 metre pole (after a few days checking all’s well). A better plan than any of the previous eight considered – and highly iffy – methods. Yes – Lifting the completed mast upwards 2 metres in the loosened wall fixings, then slipping a scaffold pole under – de nada.

A cerveza to salute a good job by El Sol as it sinks to below the horizon,  is nearly an end of the day event, but pets are hungrily waiting ….