Wet Windy Arty?

It’s been a few days of stormy weather. The heavy rains have torn gullys in the Rambla’s. The lightning has caused power dropouts and scared the animals shitless (I know this from the tons of dung I’m shovelling). Jeans and jumpers are back on!

 There isn’t a lot to do indoors at my current Sit, and the winds are holding off the next stage of raising the Wind Generator mast. All fixings and steel wire is prepped ready, Stu has made ready with those and any drilling, so a few lie-ins and watching ‘Judge Judy’ with a cuppa passes the time. Then … a call from Nadine and Mark, who are starting a fence project. Mark is busy with an Alicante trip coming up and Nadine is materials shopping. A trip round woodyards that I know and fencing merchants.

Nadine has a pad and pen and a sketch of the plan. She is a very good artist 👨‍🎤 but still seems to have a methodical approach to today’s task!

The questions flow in Spanish at the merchants, I stand picking out whatever words I can (hola, Si, metre. dos – the rest is gobbly-gook). I’m impressed with the business approach and note taking ….The options, spans between posts, support stanchions ratios, mesh sizes, corner and curve arrangements, tensioning tools, prices …. the compiled notes should be really comprehensive from that studious look 👀 

The estimations are completed, the note pad is tapped with a satisfaction and it’s time to leave and drive back along broken roads, on which we take a detour “do you know where that track goes Cliff?” my project manager asks, I don’t and that means we need to take it to find out. The sun is breaking out so I try out the freebie hat from one of the merchants 👍.  It’s a neat ride through great scenery, which I forgot to photograph- damn, and gives me time to check out the quotation .. 

A great job by Nadine, but not the page of ink I think we need …….