Adiós 1 casa, Hola the next! 

Frankia is loaded for the road, Cartagena sit was excellent, I had some great days and nights, the soccer day was my first match in a Spanish Stadiummy friend / intercambio ally made the day so much fun, thanks Prisci✅

Along with the animals care I managed to go rock collecting. Didn’t seem too much of an interesting morning at first, but given the keys to a massive dumper truck and collecting rocks to build a wall – fun !!

Checking the footings are settled on the wind Generator mast was an excuse for a photo tight lines and steady – bring on the high winds.

My last shopping trip at this Sit is to replace a Calor Gas Bottle. The station is next to BuenaVista, the sun is blazing and the veranda bar is serving 🍺. It’s four days to my working Sit with Matt in Lorca. Two weeks getting the new house ready for his family, Some painting , electrical work and checking the local  Frankia will make the one hour journey to Lorca take three hours, de nada. 

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