Wall Erection – can travel Mr Trump. 

Wednesday morning breakfast in a little Spanish town enjoying Tostados Y Tomate and cafe sin leche (toast and a coffee doesn’t sound as appetising). The plan – drive Frankia back and build something that D.T. Would envy …The rubble I had collected in the dumper truck was tipped out, the challenge to make it a wall before the house rule of stopping at beer-o-clock for day began.

Stu was working those muscles ready to impress Lynne (returns from UK on Monday). 

We worked steadily in glorious sunshine and hoped everyone in the UK was enjoying their full share of vitamin D too🙊

This was an in-between ‘sits’ few days, and I had the use of the apartment at Lynne and Stu’s. Popping there to check my phone I saw Broozer and Harry were happy to greet me, and happy to mind my couch too 😄

Beer-o-clock approaching, time to speed up and finish the job…The right way up or down to lay bricks – a serious discussion with a man with frog feet, never going to happen. 

Now who left the hose there !!!!!

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