Wall 2 Wall Rocks, Chirival preparations 🚐

The four in-between Sit days were well spent. Helping build something means days in the sun end satisfyingly. After wall number 1 was brushed off there was wall 2 to knock-up ….the cement mixer production rate had to match rock formation rate, and it was zipping along. Clearing away was key to progress, and the bar was high – completing the walls before Lynne’s return. My clearance pleas fell on stony ground. 

The early start at 8:00 allowed a timely finish for lunch and Stu to catch F1 (pick up tips for the next ATV drive). 

My day ended with a meal at the Davisons to discuss the next fortnights work on the house in Chirival. Matt had been to the Chinese bazaar in Puerto Mazerron and bought everything we needed to refurbish Buckingham Palace I think (Mrs Matt will love the LFC red and white theme?). Wine, cerveza and spiced rum helped the work plans discussion (maybe we should have taken notes though), with a final nightcap before returning to El Nido and readying Frankia for a day back on the road. Chirival is some 10 degs colder than Cartagena I’m told – many 😱’a could be a feature of the coming two weeks blogs. 

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