Andalucía – good to see ya. 

Tostados y Tomate – buenos días with the Davison’s and Matt McCobb. Mothers Day but Margaret won’t let her gathering of males do for her, she’s running the kitchen to stoke Matt and I for the ten days self survival at the villa in Chirival. The few mountain passes on the route will mean Frankia getting another gesrbox thrashing, but it’s part of the fun of driving the old bus. Different payload this trip..

No dramas on the 120Km run with Matt managing to match my racing speed of 70km/h. Great scenery and a pretty hamlet destination.
Clearing out the previous owners stuff took up the rest of the first day and most of the second..the balcony was handy, and a pic of just half of one bedroom shows the amount we were going to shift.

Wiring new circuits and fitting a fuse box would be starting on Wednesday, the old wiring and socket and switches were ripped out, the standard of installation  wasn’t that high I think The new material is on its way – ex RAF delivery man D.Davison has promised punctualality (working to help the senior service I expect he will go that extra mariner 20%). 

First night in the villa – fire, ale, chess 

Monday morning hearty Matt McC cooked breakfast and back to the clearout and prep, with a little stroll on the villa acres

The painting might start tomorrow, the visit from Matts inlaws may cause a time delay though (they’re ones for the pub and I’m easily led). 

For now, blog and beer-o-clock

2 thoughts on “Andalucía – good to see ya. 

  1. Fabulous to read your blog and so excited all is going well… are turning into a bit of a legend Cliff – keep up the good work & keep the newsfeed & pics coming. I think my fave is of the fire…or maybe the view…or maybe the fuse box! Love it all! 🙂

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  2. Hope your not sleeping in the wheelbarrow. Glad the Frankia still soldiering on. The wiring looks interesting. Speak soon.

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