Los Manilos / Casa McCobb, fancy dress (and a pub).

Steaks marinated then barbecued in the man-pad (with vino tinto and movies, maybe I’ll sit here again!), not a bad chef Matt. 
Monday ended well at the villa Sit. The burning of the last owners clothes seemed sad, so for some of them (leather jeans, leather jacket, hats and designer glasses) we gave them a final adiós  Luckily we had changed just before a visitor arrived who had lived in the house as a child. She hadn’t realised her father had sold the villa, but was pleased Matt offered her anything in the house that held memories. The wedding picture in the lounge was of her!

She liked the new fireplace that Matt had projected onto the wall. Later it would be films (‘BlackWay’ then ‘Hush’). 

The days visitors for Tuesday were ‘The Borrowers’ – who lifted plants and took our bread!! From the balcony pic you can see the clear out pile was finally easing as we sorted and saved/burned. 

Down off the balcony Margaret had a fresh picked mini-bouquet from Derick to pose with… Lesson for Matt to follow when Rachel enjoys her new villa in summer. 

The Borrowers then forced a stop-work to hit the local. A quick visit to Ian the Welsh en-route to see progress on his Casa meant another new contact (a retired train driver from the valleys). Arriving at the bar we enjoyed the company of a smashing Irish couple, Mike and Marion, who invited us all to the pub Friday when they said we would have a great time and meets lots of locals – so we’re going to a funeral!Mike got warned not to raise his coffee cup for a “Cheers” photo, Marion has strict etiquette rules – get a drink man. 

Outside the local baker was driving around the hamlets with a van full of bread and pastries. The stock Matt bought for the villa was put in the boot of Deryks car, and he messaged later that they were back in Puerto Mazarrón safe and enjoying lots of fresh bread (no morning toast at Casa McCobb). 

Matt recovered from bread-gate by strumming, 

I enjoyed a few hours sorting the new electric bits. Fuse boxes ready, sockets and switched positioned for tomorrow’s chisel and fit. Tuesday ended with our now traditional beer and bonfire…

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  1. Thanks for the update. Love reading your blog. Amazing wiring job going on!!! (Thank you) Shame about the fresh bread! ,Anyway… hope you “enjoyed” the funeral! Looking forward to more pics n news. Rach xx

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