Four days in at Chirival

The villa is looking good, it’s quickly gone from a distressed looking state to tidy. And, I think ready for Matt, Rachel and the boys to put their mark on a place of fantastic potential.

Fitting out job on the fuse boxes – best done in the sun …

The wiring is getting done slowly, moving the incoming supply and meter from a state of hanging by fence wire with one fuse on a WW2 box to the Deryk supplied new 2 x Consumer unit RCD protected boxes has been satisfying. One box for the current 5 Bed, garage, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, area. The other box for the future guest rooms and facilities in the current outhouses – doubling the floor surface area that Matt the Mop will have to do.

Lunch in the sun, you take your quick butties when you can…

At Siesta time the hammock was tested by Matt ….Then a drive into Chirival to top up shopping. I bought wine, beer, olives and cereal, but focused too much on the €2.40 wine bargain and left the two boxes of cereal in the shop (plonk for breakfast then🍷).

The deal in the Mercadona was one free Lottery ticket for every€20 spent, if will take the edge off my Special K loss if I get the €1,000,000

At the end of the drive the field was being ploughed. Sun, wine, olives, other people working – my favourite times!

Supper and the click of Matts camera mid-blog, time to enjoy the evening at Casa McCobb …..