Derby and Dhoby days. 

Sunday is a good day to stand back, look at the weeks work and clear the decks to go again. I was pleased with the new boxes and backboard I’ve fitted. Securing the meter from its hanging by wire and one underrated panel to the ‘Main house’ and ‘guest wing’ consumer units. From this:-To a modern:-Casa McCobb has been trip-free since fitting, after we suffered daily trips on the old box. 

Next job was the washing machine. The perfect blankets and table clothes were filling many cupboards. The old machine had been useless at first then nursed into running intermittently. A Sunday service of the bad switches and away it goes – Matt the dhoby wallah enjoying a good drying day now. 

Saturdays, tapas and cerveza went down well at the local, Matt’s Everton shirt just showing in the conservatory. The football result was quickly forgotten (before half-time by the ‘Toffee’).A good afternoon with some nice folk, but that Everton shirt wasn’t on for the walk home?

Another Sunday filler was a quick look around the out-buildings to gauge the job size for the next ‘sit’ …

Back to the main job and getting the bedroom sockets and lighting boxes and switches in. 

Sun, stuff I like doing, great scenery and a schedule that means more time in Chirival and Puerto Mazarrón – the on line quiz may be right –

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  1. Thanks for the update. What a tidy fuse box! Bedroom’s are looking good – yeah, the guest wing has a bit of tidying up to be done!!! Glad you are enjoying it though…lovely scenery & blue sky. Thanks for the pics! 🙂

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