Albox, then dust. 

Supplies, a disc cutter and Matt picking up the new home documentation from solicitors/bank  needed a 30Km drive through great scenery to Albox.A busy city with a ‘Rambla’ the width of the M6great for parking … outside of the rains!

The days progress could be hampered by the banks delay (and coffee stop) in Albox, but we are having lighter evenings now, and Matt is making Spaghetti Bol – wiring, cutting, plastering would go on late.

Time is running out, it’s just a few days until my flight to U.K. and Matt’s to Abu Dhabi. The minimum finish is sockets and lights in all rooms, working boiler and washing machine, and all upstairs bedrooms painted, clean kitchen and gleaming bathroom. Doing our best, Mrs McCobb.

The plaster, a powder that is called ‘cola’ is easy stuff to mix, it fills and sticks anything. The second disc cutter and an electric chisel are due tomorrow from Puerto Mazerron, with a Anne (Rachel’s elder sister). Tools and a site inspection!The villa is alight (nearly literally with the disc cutter showering sparks at full revs. 

The 22:30 dinner bell came as I used a last mix of ‘cola’….

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