Buenos Días, The last day before Frankia heads for Mazarrón 🚐

Watching the sunrise from my bed in Frankia is one of the great joys of traveller life. Since leaving Lloc in Wales in mid-January the mornings starts have all been so pleasant

Tuesday’s visitors and inspection team (Anne & John) were great company. The mornings drilling and cutting had just finished with a brush through and window wash (get more light in before painting starts). Anne gave both the domestic and refurbishment progress a pass. 

John had not seen ‘The Remedios’ bar/cafe before, and lunchtime was here. Dos tanques cerveza, purely to clear the dust in our throats!

New toys to play with after lunch, the new drill and disc cutter were making easy work of the tough stone. Does size matter?

Lots of finishing jobs to do, little time left, 

Frankia rolls to the coast tomorrow ready or not.

A meal with Margaret and Deryk and ‘adiós amigo Matt’, then Friday Intercambio followed by Saturdays flight to U.K. (17 days Stourport/Wales/Liverpool/Manchester/Portsmouth/Bournemouth and back to Puerto Mazarrón). May in Puerto ☀️Scorchio. 

4 thoughts on “Buenos Días, The last day before Frankia heads for Mazarrón 🚐

  1. Hi. It was lovely to meet you and to see all the work that you have done. It is the first time I have been on a blog…fame!! Thankyou so much for lunch and anytime you are “oop Norf” (Benidorm for the uninitiated) it would be great to see you and Frankia again. Anne & Jon

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  2. It’s gone by so quickly….. We cannot thank you enough for your amazing contribution to our house project. We REALLY couldn’t have done it without you! Safe onward travels with Frankia. Give my mum a hug from me and enjoy your evening with them. I look forward to meeting you in person soon (all the rest of my family have met you!) but until then, “mi casa es tu casa” ….as they say….and never more meaningfully put! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Rachel, it’s a great place that you guys have found. I look forward to meeting the McCobb brood in Abu Dhabi in September and hearing how your summer in Chirivel was spent xx


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