Chucketta – Casa Protecta??

Moving from room to room to wire-up, decorate, clean was a spooky experience some days. Left by the previous owners, I think, was a doll. Matt and I assumed the other had moved her when one of us looked up the stairway, or walked into a half-lit room and she surprised you being there. I’m not too sure we were always responsible for her whereabouts. I found her on some pictures I had taken and on the new security camera system ..Maybe we shouldn’t have mentioned keeping the McCobb children off the 4000Volt climbing frame?The night before leaving Chucketta seemed more active, trying to keep Matt at Casa McCobb. Sat watching the projector TV 📺 with her pal…

This morning I checked the car and Frankia, tyres were a little low?We got the feeling Chucketta was envious of the car bench seat that was going to be a feature in the eldest sons bedroom (Tom)The painting jobs weren’t really finished but pack-up time was near, caramba, the rollers were full of paint again?Matt thanked me for the final washing-up job, but I’d been checking the car…

My last look from Frankia as I drove along the drive made me feel there was something watching over the villa until the next visitIts been a good fortnight, beautiful scenery, nice little towns nearby, very sociable folk in the neighbourhood. The farewells in Remidio at the weekly darts night revealed just how many warm friends were made in this ‘tidy-up’ visit. 

My next ‘sit’ here could be end of May and some of June. For now it’s time to enjoy trundling along at Frankia pace back to Cartagena/Puerto Mazarrón…..

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