Home Time?

Frankia loaded, fuelled and fired-up for the return trip from the 1000 metre high mountain plateau Chirivel sits at, to the Rambla’s 100 mile away in Puerto Mazarrón. Then Matt would be flying back from Alicante to Rachel and the kids in Abu Dhabi. 

At the Davison Casa the bread that ‘The Borrowers’ had taken from us in Chirivel was found in the freezer by Matt, who thought he could earn a few bob providing in-flight competition to Ryan Air catering After a stopover at Margaret’s and Deryk’s I would be heading for the UK. The meal to gather us together before separate ways was superbSeconds and a few bottles of red, helped the chat flow.

Friday was chill-out day. Few little table top jobs by the pool with Deryk and chatting about family with MargaretA space for Frankia until my return was offered and gratefully accepted. 

The Davison’s were also doing the early morning airport run for me.
Just intercambio to enjoy Friday evening before the flight Saturday, trying to soak up ‘the lingo’ as I had a new reason for learning more than ‘beer’ ‘toilet’ and ‘sorry no speak Spanish’ (cerveza,aseos and los siento no habla Espanyol). The possible business opportunity will map out on a later blog. As ever – My intercambio amigo is great fun, the chat and food with Prisci was a perfect last evening. 

My first message Saturday morning was a picture-one from Mr &Mrs McCobb – reunited in the EmiratesI think Rachel’s pleased to get her hands on Matt, but behave people, it’s a family blog!

My journey for the day – flight, train, train, train, walk, bus, walk. The flight to U.K. 3hrs. The airport to my car 30 miles away at Stourport on Severn 4hrs!!Birmingham Airport to Kiddiminster – three trains. A stroll through Kiddiminster town centre (train to bus station)a two mile walk to the caronce in the car (after thanking Sally and Martin for the drive space) it was a bit of motorway cruising, and supper on the goim still travelling northwards at midnight, maybe a few motorway coffee stops and naps to go…zzz