“That’s Nice”

Five days of sixteen days in England/Wales are over, and I’ve had time with Sammy (my youngest daughter), top family (Joan, Barry and Sian) and great friends (Sally and Martin). Joan has made me so welcome at Lloc Farm while I wait to sort out the: Welsh Cottage buy or maybe Motorhome life or Spain on a more permanent basis???

The new van outside of Joan’s front door is making me a little envious and wondering if Frankia needs an upgrade? Travelling Spain and Portugal would be superb 

Mrs Browns Boys is one of the handful of shows I like on TV, and before Xmas I’d bought tickets for the theatre production at the Manchester Arena. If the Spain trip Jan/Feb/March/April went to plan I would be sitting in the M.E.N. Arena watching the show with a good friend. The Sit and travel plans have ran smoothly, but there’s a lack of a good friend for my Spare ticket – so Barry your up. A beer and a show with my second favourite cousin (Joan has top spot – tennis and confidante mate), it was quality time with a really nice person and true friend. We had toured Halong Bay to Saigon together a year or so ago, along the coast of Vietnam, and at one point was held under ransom in a bar –

  • After spending a half million Dong too much on beer in a back street Saigon bar, and leaving Bazz as surety – do I go back and bail him out or go to bed? As an ex-matelot I think I have a duty to leave him, but as his cousin I should reclaim him, it’s a toughie!,,,”

After the Mrs Browns show I dropped Baz/Cinders off at 11:59, safely back with Sian in his Dyserth mansion. 

My focus now is on enjoying the paving project at Joan’s that I’d dipped into on UK visits. The wall and tidy up had turned out ok

I’d fixed her ride on mower on my return on Monday, that is her pride and joy (mowing any other way would be hard work in her orchard), so status as ‘Cous who can’ re-affirmed The small barns path was cleared and then roughly laid out. The Easter Weekend project ready to push-on   Although the big project is paving the 20Mtr square drive, I’m only aiming for a completed Easter look that gets a Mrs Brown’s – “That’s Nice” seal of approval comment for the path, we’ll see.

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  1. Es increible como trabajas con los programas para las fotos y espero que cuando termines el proyecto de la acera tengas todos los dedos a salvo jajajaja (good humour )

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