Paving, Ducks, then Portsmouth 

The Easter Holiday rain nearly stopped my concreting jigsaw fun. And, the cold I managed to catch was hard to shift, although I managed to pass it on to Barry (hard luck Cous). A Good Friday session with Baz and Sian and my sniffles… The Takeaway meal with a very non-teetotal couple was finished in predictable style …..

Back at Joan’s I managed a fill-in job of replacing a rusting manhole cover between the weekend downpours:something achieved I guess for Easter So keeping an watch on the nesting duck at Joan’s mainly passed the Saturday and Sunday. The eggs will be lucky to get to hatching with wildlife predators starting to circle Doris (Joan’s named the mallard Boris 🤷🏻‍♂️). Doris is keeping quiet and low for now. 

A break in the weather on Monday and the cement mixer was whirring, the shapes and thickness of every slab was different, and had to fit the line I’d made with the new drainage channel. Lovely doing the job Tuesday with some sun and a chance of the concrete actually drying out!

Wednesday clear away, pack and ready to travel Thursday to Portsmouth. A new Home Owner to sit for at the weekend then Bournemouth airport for the Ryan Air taxi back to the sun. 

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  1. Very agreeable temps on the west coast of Portugal, little breezy at the moment, but what matloe doesn’t appreciate a good breeze?

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