From Welsh Wales to Pompey and a Beautiful New Sit. 

It was a nice feeling driving away from the muddy doorways I’d changed to a path so that Joan could now visit her barns in slippers rather than wellies and waders The Volvo was packed and despite being abandoned for months/weeks at a time gave a perfect drive from Lloc to PortsmouthTwo stops on the way were in Tewksbury for coffee and in Stourport-on-Severn to say a quick ‘Hi’ to Sally and Martin (and thank them for the Jan-April parking space). 

Tina & Terry were giving me a bed Thursday night (my new Sit was Fri-Mon) and again at theirs Monday night before my Tues flight.

The Man Utd European match was on Thurs evening, Tina was out karting, leaving us a lads night with a Chinese takeout and footie 👍. Terry & Tina had lived with me for a few years in the early 80’s when Terry and I were on Artificers (Royal Navy Engineering courses) together over a three year spell. Our Liverpool / Man Utd rivalry hasn’t hindered us being close mates for nearly 35 yrs. My visits to their home in the past few years had usually given me the chance to mark his house with some Liverpool tag The Stevie Gerrard poster in his front window had lasted four days until one of his visiting sons laughingly told him (thanks Ed). 

The Friday morning coffee is enjoyed with piped music after “call the hands” and wearing a provided beret as the flag is raised in their garden

Friday afternoon – move round the corner and into Ann & Gordon’s for the weekend house sit, it’s a beautiful home in fantastic gardens and just one canine boss to care and feed‘Shadow’ is a lovely hound who likes the company but no fuss. A gentle nudge at meal time is given by him,  and Shadow then leads you to the dining area and awaits service. It’s a restful day Sunday, a bit of early packing for Spain, flight/seat and boarding document are set on my mobile, so I’ll watch TV news with coffee and biscuits in the nicest conservatory I’ve ever seenLovely owners, smashing dog, homely house, it’s a great few days before Bournemouth International Airport for the first time departing there.

I’ll abandon the Volvo at Terry & Tina’s and take the train to Bournemouth (again the one hour slow train trip will cost as much as flying the length of France and Spain🤷🏻‍♂️). The house Sit I’m flying to in Spain (Margaret and Deryk’s) is another superb home, I am really looking forward to minding the pool and roof terrace 🏊🏼