España bound

My house Sitting circle is a little larger, the Newfoundland in Fareham has given the nod to Ann & Gordon. A return sit in the autumn to be arranged.

The time spent with my old mates Terry & Tina was brilliant, and no need to leave ‘Red’ memorabilia around their property as Tina (an Everton supporter actually) now drives a redand the decision to fly from Bournemouth looks to be a good one. Easy train trip and bus transfer, three hours though, and I’m there just £20 lighter. I only booked one seat on both trains but they gave me the whole carriage

Margaret and Deryk are Sergovia bound, leaving me the pool and villa to protect. Great pics of them settling into their break

My taxi is waiting and the very good people at the other end (Stu & Lynne) are ferrying me to the villa, amazing me how this jaunting about life seems to come together 🤷🏻‍♂️

Mi Espanyol lingo learning has kept up to speed with Prisci, exchanging Spanglais messages – Gracias muy bien amigo. We now have to sort the bets for the winners breakfast – the Real Madrid v Barcelona (2-3) result swooping the € wallet/purse a few times. Poor mans potatoes if I lose, but spicy sausage, tortilla and cerveza on a win🕺🏼

Time to fly, the 50 passengers are queued for the 150 seat plane 20mins early… just in case it leaves sneakily I guess ???

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