Piscina and Project bliss

Shorts and flip-flops beside the pool for breakfast, then a stroll to the rear of the house and make in-roads to the irrigation project, a marvellous way to spend the days. The water temperature is just hitting 21 degs C, which actually feels a bit chilly at first in the 25 degs sun. After a few hours hacking a new pipeline run into the hillside it is a welcome chill. 

The brief from Deryk is spot-on, as expected from this top rank ex-RAF chappie, with a schematic and tools/parts ready to go. I have my third different cement mixer to play with in as many weeks and might be in danger of knowing what I was doing soon.

The pump to be fitted looks a high spec model, hopefully my fit-out will do it justiceThe prep work is moving along, it will take another few days to build the last courses of brickwork and roof the buildings. I’m aiming to get the new pathway cut into the hill to make steps for ease of any maintenance visit to the lower pumphouse/deposit. Today is a Military Museum engineering volunteer day, it will be good to spend a few hours with Stu and the lads there … and … my euros are ready to repay the breakfasts last week!

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