Restoration and Recreation

Not too much happening at this easy to mind home, but an update to keep the blog ticking over is best done I think.

The tank in the Cartagena Artillery Museum still needs a few parts (distributor for the engine being a main issue now), but will look good if it makes the parade in June. The volunteers/expats do a cracking job here. Most of the other vehicles are ready. There is a part finished troop carrier that shows the restoration task and achievements quite well: 

The A side …and same truck B side…The small canon on display in the main hall must have been the inspiration for the Daleks …Stu has learnt this week that cutting discs are surprisingly effective on flesh. The red polka dot effect splattered in his work shop will be a reminder to not juggle a grinder while it is running down. He says it was a work accident, but he had talked of an entertainment career in mind and was wiggling to music, another clue is his locker pin-up – mistress Angel Grinder!His better half cheered him up with a beer by the beach, where she admired the way nature adds red streaks to floppy headed mops this  time of year. 

The weekend event was the car racing on the road beside the Villa. Traffic free for the hot hatches and track cars, they time-trialled up the N332 from Puerto Mazarrón beach to the summit near the villa. The picture needs zooming to see some of the cars parading back down to the start …. The event finished a relaxing week, which also ends on the Spanish Mothers Day, another reason to pop the top of a tinnie