RAF, REME – Buen trabajo nosotros tenemos la Marina!

After the work in Artillery Museum one of the REME vets (highly trained and skilled army technicians) returned a very complicated piece of specialist equipment to Stu. 

Ed said he was unable to get this sophisticated item running to be able to use it helping his local community. 

Stu is also an engineer (but only a civilian one, ah), and the equipment was handed over to the Senior Service to commission it.

I took three minutes to get it running – so now Ed can chop his neighbours logs with the chainsaw 😂Royal Navy training includes the advice to put the On/Off switch to On. 

I relaxed from the inter-service competence test at my favourite part of the Costa – La Azohia. A breakfast paid for by the loser of a football bet meant I enjoyed the company (and the euros) of my Intercambio amigo Prisci. A stroll to the Watch Tower and checking the view from its roof made a good post meal walkand, the euros weren’t all spent, so lunch at a new place on the sea front had to be enjoyed. Villamora is a great looking cafe/bar, nice views over the bay, and good staff serving very nice food. It is now my favourite place in all Murcia!

My teasing mentor presented me with a Julios Inglaisi CD to listen to and help me while I study Spanish. The studying really helped as I watched Fast & Furious in Spanish at the Cartagena cine complex. Keeping up with a dialogue of lots of engine noise, crashes, explosions, grunts and eyebrow-raising wasn’t so difficult though!

The pictures taken by the security camera when I tripped the alarm on the first day of ‘Sit’ here have been passed onto Deryk from the security firm – I do look shifty

The small irrigation project is near its end here, with the Tap-room just needing a lick of paint. The roof tiles were scrap material along the Rambla. 

Intercambio is going well, I was the English voice on a six-person table, the topic to discuss – Crime. Choneta asked that I lead the subject. Maybe my Liverpool accent infers I am a scouse authority on this topic?

And news just in – The RAF have a new recruiting poster – so true I think Deryk

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