Frankia Preps, Guns and Glasses?

It is nearly time to roll, the next Sit is a nice little drive into the mountains to Chirivel. Frankia needs some preparation, well after a pool terrace cuppa Checking that the awning gives enough shade to shelter under with a beer is obviously paramount

Wednesday saw my last volunteer day at the Artillery Museum for a few weeks, and it was a great working day. The gun carriage rebuild is fascinating. The elevation and training motion gears and linkages were engineering fun as nobody has seen the strip down, we muddled along and after many fit/unfit tries of worm and shaft drives we got there. We spent a long time in the heat and only one tea break, so on the way home from Cartagena as we passed through a small village Stu asked for refreshment. I was happy to get back to Puerto Mazerron and tea and biscuits at home, but he is senior. Stu was still suffering from the sun and mentioned a ‘lead ashtray’? I did as requested and in the cafe ordered dos tanques – Quel Suprise, two large beers instead of a refreshing pot of tea 🤷🏻‍♂️. 

I had shopping to do to welcome home the owners after their drive back from England. In town I managed to get a picture of Stu at the till in the opticians, wallet out!  A rare sight in itself, but more so when I noticed how he was standing (your a lucky woman Lynne) 

Margaret and Deryck’s return was a fun evening, I had prepared a Spanish version of Cottage Pie and set a small informal table with a little refreshment for them (unsure how tired they may be). We quickly changed this to a poolside meal and I disclosed the Mediterranean version of the pie was just adding red and green peppers – Madre Mia – not good for Deryck, so menu adjustment made and cervezas started, a catch-up, an e catch-up..and a few splashes of red celebrated their return before lights out. 

Tonight is Intercambio, hopefully it will be as much fun as last week. There is music afterwards and the lighter and warmer evenings tend to give a good turn-out.