FMX Surprise!

A cracking morning with a cuppa on the terrace, even my shadow on the tree was getting a tan I think. 

The irrigation project was subject to a few modifications, with Deryck having a familiarity of the water deposit construction that I didn’t. He also had his camera handy for when it was my turn in the hole!

My recreational activity time and Spanglais learning was happening Saturday….. Invited to an event, mislead where it was, drive one hour and thirty minutes to a place I cannot pronounce even after being there, and with a 22:00 start time – a curious  and fascinating (fantastic scenery on the road inland past Buscar) Spanish treat would be ….

Well, after Tom-Tom guided Prisci away from Murcia and the drive led to Cehegin, we sat in a superb little bar for tapas and cerveza. The TV was showing Bull Fighting and the pub walls were adorned with Matadors, the arena right outside the bar was Plaza de Torres, the clues were adding up😊

My first time in a bull ring and it’s such a picturesque arena from outside. 

The ring was full of sound and lighting gear, a toblerone shaped thing in the centre – it is Freestyle Moto Cross – FMX. It was amazing how the bikes launched and soared, Back-flipped and managed a controlled stop off the toblerone in a space Frankia could not turn round in.​

My cheeks ached from laughing at the compare and “Ole’s” to the riders.

I was amazed at the enthusiasm of the crowd, the great nature, and the thought that Prisci had put in, showing me Spanish life in full flow. My thoughts on my future whereabouts were shaping differently as quickly as my head was reddening in the sun.

I now had a few days with Deryck and Margaret and a Sunday BBQ,  before heading to Chirivel (a departure that changed as the options to use Frankia as a workhorse expanded). ……

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