Sunday BBQ, Monday Fill Frankia, Tuesday lets roll!

Barbecue – this was a Royal Garden Party surely!

Deryck had made fresh white and seeded loaves, the bocadillos had soaked juicily, the wine was on the table in a multi-chiller, the Cava was popping, skewers of chicken and veg ready, Sabine made a sauce to set off the ribs and bangers – and the ladies could have been taken for dressed ready to attend Ascot. After desert Elmo turned up to entertain

The clouds gave the sun a hard time and just kept the water temperature the wrong side of 26 degs. The Cava would have to be enjoyed on one of the terrace areas rather than in the pool on sunken seats. 

Frankia was ready to roll to Chirivel Monday, but the realisation that it could be loaded with beds and a fridge freezer to save shopping in Albox or hiring a van was forming.

Great value furniture in Puerto Mazarrón, and helpful staff, stocked the Motorhome as well as any White Van

Frankia garage space for the last few weeks was ending and the space looked bare, but not for long. Deryck had saved a little job for us both (so we could declare a beer earned) and we rigged a marquee and checked the fitting quality (the comment on the picture is Margaret’s, apparently could be a double entendres?)

We did discuss the ‘workout’ 

I took the extra evening to enjoy trying Leonardo’s Pizza Kitchen with Prisci – It had great reviews and is nicely placed in Northern Puerto Mazarrón. Brilliant food, a nice glass of red, great layout and a little more Spanish coaching, mucho needed, as now as I’ll miss the Intercambio sessions. The last Friday session with my table had had a great topic

The Trip to Chirivel on Tuesday morning looked to be a fun one, the load included Frankia’s bathroom topped to the gunnels with Matts tools. The three-man job to get the fridge freezer on board would now need to get sorted with less resource (well, me)!  And …….

Done it 👍Now to work and finding out if Chucketta has looked after mansión McCobb, if I can find her?

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