Los Cerricos, Los Malinos and … Bala (Wales)

The morning jog from Casa McCobb to the village is a picturesque few miles. The vegetable patches just across the stream that the locals had tilled stony ground on my last visit in March were now greenThe app that record my jogging showed the height above sea level here is a fair few thousand feet, and the run is not a flat one After the run and I’ve had a breakfast, made some progress on the house,  I have been taking a mid afternoon stroll back to Remidios cafe in the village for Jambon y queso (I think that’s ham & cheese) with a Tanque cerveza.

Friday was a pop into Chirivel morning, see the market and pick-up a few things – paint, electrical boxes, bread and vino tinto – the essentials. The streets were narrow and full of stalls – Frankia coped as a shopping car with a few tight squeezes. The fruit & veg stall served me in my driving seat on my way through🍎🍒🍅🚐

The Saturday morning view from my bed is not too shoddy, blue skies and Frankia

Its FA Cup Final day, the village pub should be busy tonight as it’s an evening kick-off at Wembley. 

I should get the first bedroom painted and kitted out with the new beds I’ve brought in Frankia before my stroll to Remidio Cafe. 

So far I’ve only managed finishing some new wiring, got circuits working that were left faulty from the previous owner, restored full water pressure to the bathroom and cleared away ready to paint. Too much time appreciating the walks and views!

It was nice to see my cousin Joan on FB, enjoying time out in her Motorhome at Bala Lake in Wales. A great view over the water and a glass in hand – top girl. 

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    1. It’s surprising how easy home life is when you can walk around your house with lights that work, a simple thing but big difference 💡


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