Payasica, Apartment Acclimatisation, Babysit and Short-Sit. 

Chucketta was left in Chirivel, nothing seemed amiss until I noticed a stowaway on the passenger side! A little friend of hers was on-board Frankia. The spy-in-the-cab. I offloaded her at Margaret’s and Derycks I was off to check out my new kingdom. The casual weekend in the apartment was so relaxing. Thursday evening: The Big Bang Theory in Spanish (because I hadn’t adjusted the optional language to English), with my Intercambio sidekick failing to translate because she was laughing so much. 

The ‘Welcome to Your New Home’ present from Prisci was perfect, chilled water in the fridge ‘on tap’,I may need to stock the fridge with a little more?

We took a walk across the road to the La Cumbre Hotel for tapas. It has great views and is an impressive building. The Moroccan seats needed a sprawl out test

The promise of help to clean through the flat was kept, it didn’t take too long to have the place ship-shape. I stowed some of my things ready for my move-in come September. 
Saturday at the Marina and on the beach was fun. I made the mistake of leaving my phone in my beach bag, so spent more time watching the bag than enjoying being in the water. Meeting up with Prisci for the afternoon to be shown the beaches along the coast was done with Frankia getting approval from families seeing the mobile dressing room and fridge. I’m only six correct lottery numbers from owning this boat. I still harbour thoughts of circumnavigating the UK coast. 

Walking on…  The beach at Puerto had a lot of families enjoying the well turned sand (done every morning by the Council) which helped youngsters build brilliant sand castles. Prisci is a Scorpio, they’re a little on the aggressive side, which might explain why she went into Kung-foo mode and flattened the castles with flying leaps. A mornings work for the five year olds – gone in a flash of short socked scissor kicks, brutal! A beach littered with distraught tots trying to rebuild with eyes flooded with tears was hard to watch, typical Scorpio Im told though 🦂

Watching the Champions League Final on Real Madrids free channel in the apartment wasn’t the plan,  a Sports Bar just 2 mins walk away was waiting to be tested, but fatigued by the sun, it became the evenings chosen option. A great weekend and such fun company was ending, I think I’ll enjoy settling down to Mazarrón life after the coming Iceland and Canada trips. 

The move to El Nido to babysit Stu was now on. Lynne has popped to Norwich and Stu has a few projects on the go, and it’s best I’m around to regulate the beer o clock intake being the sensible matelot I am. The afternoon tinnie was taken on the roof while cloud spotting,

Another reason to stop over was to take a few turns walking Broozer and Harry. I do like the mountain stroll in the early morning. 

Nadine and Mark had a request for a few days sit at their place so they could pop to Alicante and sort out property they have there. I would be looking after the two cats and four canine mates – Indie, Einstein, Sonrisa and Flora. An invite to supper to get a brief was quickly accepted. The house is set in such a nice part of the Rambla. Mark told us about his ‘visions’ of faces in the hills landscapes. His lecture “I See Scaped People” amazed Einstein, Nadine and Sabine!

The transport over the mountain was the dirt car, it makes the journey over the mountain and along the dry river bed a little adventure. 

After getting back to El Nido i took Frankia food shopping, fuelled her up and then found a tyre valve had split. Low air pressure and a winding drive back home had my bum twitching on the drivers seat. Tyre changed and garage visited the following day resulted in a bill for €3 – I paid €5 and thought if was in U.K. It would have been a long wait and at least £12 

The pool progress by Stu is fast. The water tankers have been ordered for the top up (with Deryck using contacts and his good Spanish to get Rodrigo’s bowser on the job). Well done Stu, the surrounding platform and roof to do, but it deserves a beer (any excuse, tut tut) 

Time to move by backside and some belongings to the Wed/Thurs/Fri sit, and learn the General Election news. How will this vote affect Brexit and so my new plan of Spanish domicile????

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  1. Mentira yo no tire ningùn castillo que caminara por la arena y que de pronto sin querer pisara uno es otra cosa😄.The people know that you are a liar yes they know it.🐇thank you🐈for all your help with my English


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