Murcia City Motors, Muck Matey, Mash & Bangers

The McCobb invasion of Chirivel is imminent, a 60 day break for the Abu Dhabi ex-pats in their summer bolt hole (Chucketta will love the company, I hope). Transport for the five McCobbs and nanny (it’s how the rich roll I guess) is an Espace that Deryck sourced in Murcia. As his spare driver and mechanic advisor I was treated to a breakfast en-route at Las Palas

We asked for a few checks on the new motor, and made use of my multimeter to convince the Dealer a brand new alternator was needed. The mechanic was ready for siesta time but motivated by the job going into the next days fiesta holiday (working time has to squeeze between weekends, fiestas, weekend/fiesta ‘bridge’ days and siestas) – I don’t think there’s a Spaniard that’s earned a productivity bonus in this season.

The Espace is looking pretty good and drove well back to Casa Davison

My few days with Stu in between another sit for a busy Alicante bound, again, Nadine &Mark, reunited Broozer/Harry/myself and the mountains…

It also meant I could help with the new pool area, where a wall on the left side needed building ready for glazing frames (an indoor pool is the end game). I mixed and carried the pug (mortar) from the remote sited mixer to the wall area, walked the dogs, lugged a hundred bricks, fed the dogs, drilled anchor points, watered the dogs, while Stu played with string and concentrated on his tan (seemed a fair division of labour – each to their strengths). 

A Bangers and Mash meal at Casa Davison to meet their travelling friends from Yorkshire and a ‘thank you’ for the driving help, refreshed used muscle groups. My recovery from mechanic/driver/dog handler was as quick as Stu’s from serious RSI (resting, sitting, idling) …

The pack at Nadine’s were my prime responsibility during the days out and fun with mortar sessions. Indie, Flora, Einstein and Sonrisa were great company and gave such an energetic welcome whenever I returned to the sit. 

It’s a 4K trek along the Rambla and 4K along the road from Stu’s or D&M’s to Nadine & Marks place. The trip is shorter and fun in Stu’s ATV. I used it to go over the mountain short-cut with Prisci to show how my sits vary and the great scenery I enjoy. The engine noise stopped the Spanish/English language exchange, but an enjoyable trip with Nadine and Prisci agreeing that I was useless at languages and a ‘stranger to the truth’ with my blog – that hurt girls!

I did start to see myself getting an ATV to run around the port area and Rambla’s. The one outside the garage in Murcia is a model that might give Stu a race if i can find my wallet. 

It’s been a varied few days, with the return in Frankia to Chirivel in the back of my mind. Frankia will have a few bits of furniture and tools to carry there. Work, walks and Remedio Bar Tapas have to be done, hey ho…….

3 thoughts on “Murcia City Motors, Muck Matey, Mash & Bangers

  1. A stranger to the truth indeed! RICH, I wish!
    Amazing job with the alternator replacement, thank you! Hope you enjoy casa McCobb ( we still need to think of a name, ) and of course the bar. See you next week!

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  2. ‘A Stranger to the truth’. Well I never, how insulting. Looks like you are still enjoying the life. Take care speak soon.


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