The Gestapo Soup?

Two brilliant days!

Stu and I had a very productive morning at The Artillery Museum, then raced home to El Nido to dress correctly for the ‘old farts’ lunch.

When I say Stu was productive it is with a little poetic licence – teapot springs to mind..the new routine (our tradition) had to be ridden roughshot over. No cerveza and potato frites on the way home. Just a dash to change our overalls before Puerto DOM’s convention.

The gang at the lunch were brilliant. I sat between two 75 year olds who were both on their fourth marriages (brave and foolhardy men). Their working history was amazing – their life stories were fantastic.

Great service by the two gorgeous girls, and tears and choking by Deryck. My order – ‘I’m Gestapo’ had him choking on his bread and tears! (Gespoucho cold soup it was🤷🏻‍♂️)

The next course I responded with Polo (apparently more a fashion garment than chicken piece) – who knew?
I loved the pampering (don’t judge me!) and fuss the girls made.

The apartment in Puerto Mazarrón had a spare double mattress that was to go with me to Los Malinos. I balanced it on my head and got it to Frankia. The apartment block is lucky with the nearby free car park that always has room for Frankia

A pretty uneventual trip from Puerto, stopping in Mazarrón for lunch and Spanglais with Prisci. I’ve promised to up my game with my Spanish and ordered Bocadillo atuna y mayonnaise- got the correct butty so I’m on a roll already!

Next stop was Velez Rubio, the sight of the church above the town had always had a pull for me. 

I had to move on though as Tapas time approached in Remedio Cafe. Hopefully some left and a cerveza needed after driving in 34 degs heat – mucho calor!

Frankia parked and the one mile stroll to Los Cerricos is always beautiful 

I made Tapas (twice) and relaxed with the thought of a Friday market day to try again in Chirivel (next week it will be with the McCobb posse). 

Great pair of days!

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