Market Day with a Frankia Love-in, D&M visit with back-up.

Chirivel Market Day fills the narrow streets, so Frankia was abandoned in the community centre on the fringe of town. Cheap stalls for clothes, shoes, bags and especially fruit and veg. I bought €4 of mixed olives and had to carry the shopping bag full straight back to Frankia. The stalls around the church are premium sites I thinkI had a coffee with Katherine & Vernon before another goose-necking stroll though the stalls to Tapas

The bar filled with men who Sit having a late breakfast/early lunch drink and tapas while half-watching on TV what seems the Spanish equivalent to ‘Loose Women’ but with very pretty girls, can’t knock it after seeing the line-upFrankia was swamped by Fans at the car park, it’s compact size and big living space amazed folk gathered around her. One great admirer had left (Bibby & Richard) who are looking for a van. When I popped to their house on the way back Bibby was in love with Frankia and hadn’t realised it was mine, she spent a while in the van cooing at Richard (well Richards wallet),

Back at Casa McCobb I had a few jobs to do (not too much before my tapas stroll to Los Cerricos) and tidied off the wardrobe that Margaret had left curtains for, using pipe Derek had left over from the last visit, looked very neat I thought?

Saturday was the visit inspection and touch-up team arrival. This four man hit-squad would polish off the jobs that realised the Casa into the swanky villa potential it has. Chucketta was over excited and her balcony watch point looked precarious

Arriving in style, and an Espace, which is now the Casa McCobb family limo, they moored the motors and got stuck-in to the days tasks. Margaret & Derek leading..With the Beemer behind carrying Julie & PhilipPhilip gave Chucketta a wave and smile when he saw the balcony – she nearly fell off the thing getting recognised!

It was serious stuff now, a planning team-meeting was called

Major decisions made – tea and biscuit all round, offload the tools in the cars, then move the meeting to somewhere more businesslike Margaret read the minutes taken – Emparador and chips were top of the agenda.

Their work done (😂) and ready to go on their way, they confirmed that time, distance and lack of seats would mean I would be walking my lunch off, adiós M&D J&P. A fun day with good company, and another Los Cericcos / Los Malinos stroll 🚶🏻 …..